Thank you for being a valued member of the GW Micro and Window-Eyes family. We regret to announce that sales of Window-Eyes have ended. We are committed to our customers and will honor existing product purchases and software maintenance agreements for end users, and will continue to provide technical support to end users that have purchased Window-Eyes or a support package.

All users who are currently using Window-Eyes can continue to use the software indefinitely; however, as the Windows® operating system and/or applications change over time, Window-Eyes may not function adequately for your needs.

We understand how important a screen reader is to you and will work with you on replacement options. Please contact our sales team at 800-444-4443. Users outside of the United States and Canada should contact their local distributor for options.


Below is a podcast explaining the migration from Window-Eyes to JAWS and the user experiences from different viewpoints.

To help with the transition to JAWS, we have created some tutorials to get you started. The tutorials are available in Microsoft Word format.