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 Peter Duran


 Window-Eyes 7.5


 Mon, Jan 31, 2011 3:50:22 am

All of us should not make too many unwarranted presumptions about the 7.5 release until GW Micro has an opportunity to announce its new (and absent) features. If the biggest innovations are a new user interface, remote access to other Window-Eyes users, and the like, I will skip over 7.5.

On the other hand, if the User Interface Automation technology has replaced the OSM and SMA technologies, it will be a very big step indeed toward securing the viability of screen reader functionality, and I will try it out. Or, if Math Zones in Word 2010 are now supported, I will switch gladly, for that is my personally needed pet feature.

BTW: The new UI for WE 7.5 may be of no interest to us old-timers, but it will no doubt encourage neophites to join the GW Micro club - a good thing. Also, consider that there comes a time when the old UI becomes too cumbersome and fails to meet current user needs - afterall, that is the very reason Microsoft introduced the radically-new Ribbon Bar in 2007 for its it Office 2007. Now, with Office 2010, all its applications incorporate the new UI.

Peter Duran

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