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change_sound_card 1.03

Download change_sound_card 1.03 Now by Chip Orange
Needed by WE when running under Windows XP or Vista, monitors default sound card when Eloquence is the synthesizer, so it can force Eloquence to change sound cards if the default changes (such as when a USB headset or bluetooth headset is activated)

Check Language 1.5

Download Check Language 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
In an Edit or RichEdit control, do a spelling, thesaurus, or grammar check via Microsoft Word

Convert Units 2.1

Download Convert Units 2.1 Now by Jeff Bishop
Convert between different units of measure

Delete Strokes 1.2

Download Delete Strokes 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Add keystrokes for deleting text in various directions

Detect Shortcut Keys 2.1

Download Detect Shortcut Keys 2.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Detect system-wide hotkeys defined in shortcut files

Dropbox 1.3

Download Dropbox 1.3 Now by Jeff Bishop
Determine the current status of the Dropbox service through the press of a key.

Eloquence Fix 1.7.2

Download Eloquence Fix 1.7.2 Now by Ai Squared
Immunize Eloquence against lethal text.

Evaluate JScript 1.5

Download Evaluate JScript 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Evaluate JScript code and copy the result to the clipboard

Examine System 1.7

Download Examine System 1.7 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Examine the computer system and generate an HTML report

Extended Dictionary 0.69.5

Download Extended Dictionary 0.69.5 Now by David Pedersen
This package has only been tested with Window-Eyes 8.4 and up. It cannot be guaranteed to run under any earlier version. The app is meant to be a Replacement, and Extention, to the built-in Exceptions Dictionary of Window-Eyes. It gives you the chance of storing separate dictionaries for each voice on your computer. Furthermore, under each individual voice, you can save Software-Specific Dictionaries for the applications that need special entries. You also can replace a character, word or phrase, with a sound clip. Please note: The app requires GWToolkit to be installed on your computer. To benefit from the sound clip feature, you will need to have the GWAudioKit app running as well. To read the full documentation, hit the hotkey Alt-Shift-9. You will be presented with a list of Contents of the documentation. Arrow to the chapter of your interest, and press Enter. Read the chapter, and press Alt-L, to close the window. You will be back in the list of Contents. When done, use the Escape key, to Cancel your way out of the dialogs. Alternatively, to open the Documentation, please go to App Manager, and focus the entry of DICTIONARY. Press the letter D, and then a second press on the letter D. Then follow the steps outlined above. (C) December 2014 - D.P. (Norway) trailerdavid@hotmail.com

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