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AlternateVoiceHotKeys 1.01

Download AlternateVoiceHotKeys 1.01 Now by Kevin Huber
Adds four new hotkeys to be used instead of the alt-control-arrow keys, if these do not work Kevin Huber email: kevin.huber1@gmail.com

AOL Instant Messenger Scripts 2011.1

Download AOL Instant Messenger Scripts 2011.1 Now by Cory Samaha
Enhances the support for the AOL Instant messenger client
App Development

App Builder 1.8.1

Download App Builder 1.8.1 Now by Ai Squared
provides a quick and easy way to start writing Window-Eyes apps.

App Get 1.2.4

Download App Get 1.2.4 Now by Ai Squared
Browse and Install App Central Apps from Window-Eyes

Append to Clipboard 2.8

Download Append to Clipboard 2.8 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Append text to the clipboard rather than replacing it

AppsActive 2.2

Download AppsActive 2.2 Now by jeff weiss
See a list of newly loaded apps loaded later than initial group of apps

AssertiveChristian 1.0

Download AssertiveChristian 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
A message on assertiveness for each day of the month

Audible Battery Status 0.1

Download Audible Battery Status 0.1 Now by A T Guys
Plays a sound when laptop power is connected or disconnected

audible_manager 1.6

Download audible_manager 1.6 Now by Steve Holmes
Help navigate the AudibleManager 5 user interface.

AudioActivity 1.0.1

Download AudioActivity 1.0.1 Now by Rod Hutton
Plays a small recording of the ocean at a regular interval in order to keep the connected audio device from turning off

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