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App Development

FocusedWindow Detective 0.5

Download FocusedWindow Detective 0.5 Now by Vic Beckley
Quickly find details about the focused window
App Development

TreeView 1.5.6

Download TreeView 1.5.6 Now by Ai Squared
Explorer the children of any window
App Development

bobs template 1.0.2

Download bobs template 1.0.2 Now by Robert Guyette
app for building other apps
App Development

ScriptComments 1.0

Download ScriptComments 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
Display comments in .vbs files
App Development

MSAA Detective 0.4

Download MSAA Detective 0.4 Now by Vic Beckley
See what MSAA has to say about the focused object
App Development

Procedure finder 0.4

Download Procedure finder 0.4 Now by Vic Beckley
Moves back and forth between the beginning of subroutines and functions in the open script file. It can also list all procedures in the script file so you can move directly to one.
App Development

ErrorList 1.6

Download ErrorList 1.6 Now by jeff weiss
List VbScript errors
App Development

WEHotkeys 1.4

Download WEHotkeys 1.4 Now by jeff weiss
Get a list of Window-eyes hotkeys in several categories
App Development

WEPMInfo 1.4

Download WEPMInfo 1.4 Now by jeff weiss
Info about app packages on your computer
App Development

GWAudioKit 0.8.5

Download GWAudioKit 0.8.5 Now by Ai Squared
Provides a library for performing audio synthesis, playback, and manipulation.

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