Window-Eyes: Performance, Reliability, and Stability
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Released: 2/9/2012

[Please note: The following information can also be found in the Window-Eyes Help menu, under the Documentation pulldown.]

Welcome to Window-Eyes 7.5.3

GW Micro is proud to announce the release of Window-Eyes 7.5.3. This version includes a number of stability improvements, Windows Live and Thunderbird fixes, support for the Braille Edge display from HIMS, native support for QT-based applications, and bug fixes.

Keep reading to learn more about Window-Eyes 7.5.3, and what it can do for you.

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The following documentation consists of important information that you need to know before using this version of Window-Eyes.

1. You must already have an existing copy of Window-Eyes 7.5, 7.5.1, or 7.5.2 installed before installing Window-Eyes 7.5.3.

2. Window-Eyes 7.5.3 will not install over a version of Window-Eyes less than 7.5. If you are running a version of Window-Eyes less than 7.5, you will need to upgrade to Window-Eyes 7.5 by contacting our order department at 260-489-3671.

3. As of July 13, 2010, Microsoft ended support for all Windows 2000 products. Window-Eyes 7.5.3, therefore, will not install under Windows 2000, and requires at least Windows XP to run.

This readme is divided up into various sections. The start of each major section will begin with two plus signs and the start of each minor section will begin with two minus signs. This means that you can search for ++ to move to the start of a major section, and -- to move to the start of a minor section. If you are reading the manual on a Windows PC using Notepad, we recommend maximizing the Notepad window with ALT-SPACE, then X. It is also a good idea to make sure that "word wrap" is enabled. This is usually found under the format menu of Notepad.

++Enhancements between Window-Eyes 7.5.2 and Window-Eyes 7.5.3

-- Stability Improvements

The primary focus of Window-Eyes 7.5.3 is increased stability. Thanks to error reports from Window-Eyes 7.5.2 as well as customer feedback via our various avenues of communication, many issues have been corrected and Window-Eyes is even more stable than before. Specific issues are noted below, though the majority of corrections effect Window-Eyes as a whole. Please continue to provide feedback. It is because of our customers that Window-Eyes retains the reputation of being the most stable, dependable screen reader on the market.

-- Email

* An issue where Browse Mode would engage while composing email in the newest versions of Thunderbird has been corrected.

* Windows Live Mail now speaks and brailles correct information when Internet Explorer 9 is installed.

-- Miscellaneous

* The Window-Eyes control panel would sometimes display inaccurate information about the previously active window. This has been fixed.

* The error reporting process has been sped up, and the time allowed to send reports has been increased for customers with slow internet connections.

* When arrowing to the end of a line inside an edit box, Window-Eyes would sometimes ding or report the wrong character. This has been fixed.

-- Office

* The Window-Eyes office add-in would fail to load on some customized Office installations. This has been fixed.

* Window-Eyes would sometimes lock up inside the Outlook spell checker or if an invalid date was specified in the Outlook calendar. Both of these problems have been fixed.

-- QT

* Window-Eyes now includes native support for QT-based software such as Virtual Box, the Accessible Kindle Reader from Amazon, Tappin Radio, and more. The QT Support app from App Central is no longer required.

-- Braille

* Support for the Braille Edge display from HIMS has been added.

-- Scripting

* Changing a synthesizer's flow control via scripting would sometimes fail. This has been fixed.

* A problem where apps would sometimes appear as untrusted immediately after installing Window-Eyes has been corrected.

* Window-Eyes would sometimes crash when attempting to load an encrypted JScript app. This has been fixed.

NOTE: Please refer to the updated scripting manual for detailed information about all new objects, properties, methods, and enums.