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Released: 9/25/2009

[Please note: The following information can also be found in the Window-Eyes Readme option, under the Help menu in the Window-Eyes Control Panel.]

Welcome to Window-Eyes 7.11

GW Micro is proud to present Window-Eyes 7.11. Continuing on the success of previous versions, Window-Eyes 7.11 maintains the highest expected standard of stability, performance, reliability, and security. The goal of Window-Eyes 7.11 is to provide resolutions to several minor issues reported since the previous release. While Window-Eyes 7.11 contains no new features, the numbers of error resolutions alone make it a substantial upgrade for stability and reliability.

Keep reading to learn more about Window-Eyes 7.11, and what it can do for you.

Keeping In Touch

Now that you have the power of Window-Eyes at your fingertips, why not join up with other Window-Eyes users on the GW-Info e-mail list? To subscribe, visit, enter your email address in the email edit box, and select the Subscribe GW-Info button. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail message to Leave the subject blank, and type "join gw-info, your email address" in the body (without the quotes, but note that the comma is required). For example, "join gw-info,"

Regardless of the method you choose, you will receive a confirmation. Reply to that confirmation (with no modification) and you will become a member of the largest public network of Window-Eyes users, always eager and willing to answer any questions you may have. Although we encourage all users to help each other with questions and problems, you can take comfort in knowing that the GW-Info list is constantly monitored by GW Micro employees.

You may also contact us directly by using the contact information listed above. Thank You!

Window-Eyes is developed with you in mind. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have; we are anxious to hear from you. Now read on to learn more about your latest investment, and thank you for choosing Window-Eyes!

The following documentation consists of important information that you need to know before using this version of Window-Eyes.

1. You must already have an existing copy of Window-Eyes 7.0, 7.01, or 7.1 installed before installing Window-Eyes 7.11. Retail versions (including non-copy protected versions inside the United States, and Dongle and Everlock copy protected versions outside the United States), Payment Plan, Evaluation, and Demonstration versions are supported.

2. Window-Eyes 7.11 is a FREE upgrade for all Window-Eyes 7.0/7.01/7.1 users. Window-Eyes 7.11 will not work on a version of Window-Eyes less than 7.0. If you are running a version of Window-Eyes less than 7.0, you will need to purchase an upgrade to Window-Eyes 7.11. Contact, or call 260-489-3671, for additional information.

If you are reading the manual on a Windows PC using Notepad, we recommend maximizing the Notepad window with ALT-SPACE, then X. It is also a good idea to make sure that "word wrap" is enabled. This is usually found under the format menu of Notepad.

++ Enhancements Between Window-Eyes 7.1 and Window-Eyes 7.11

-- Microsoft Office

* If the task pane was open in Microsoft Word, and you pressed an attribute shortcut key (i.e. Control-U for underline), and the Word task pane was open, you would not hear the attribute announcement. This problem has been resolved.

* We fixed a problem where the PowerPoint Speed Transition combo box and the controls in the Task Pane were not reading.

* Document Specific Settings were not working in Word 2007. This problem has been resolved.

* Window-Eyes now reads the Office 2007 richedit/pulldowns (such as the font name and font size) correctly.

* Check boxes in Word forms would not speak the new state when toggled with the space bar. This problem has been resolved.

-- Internet

* We fixed a problem where Firefox 3 combo boxes could double speak out of browse mode.

* We fixed a problem where Window-Eyes was not recognizing markup in Benetech books (and other XHTML documents in Firefox 3.5).

-- Scripting

We fixed a problem where Keyboard.OnCursorKey was incorrectly firing for non-cursor keys.

* Performing a Mouse.Click with a parameter indicating a double click would only perform a single click. This problem has been resolved.

* Window-Eyes is now more efficient in determining if a script is Unicode or not.

* If you used submenus in a Script menu, the count of menu items would be off. If you then used a separator, for example, it would show up one item before it should. This problem has been resolved.

* We fixed a problem where ClientPoint.WindowPoint was not working.

* We have changed the enum values of BrailleAttributeMarking to match the set file values.

* We fixed a problem creating certain objects on 64-bit operating systems.

* Once ClientInformation.UILanguage was set to a specific language, either through a script or automatically by Window-Eyes, you were not able to reset it back to -1 as the documentation indicated. Now you can.

* Filtering a static Clips collection could cause a deadlock. This problem has been resolved.

* We fixed a problem where a plethora of script errors would display after restarting, logging in, and launching Window-Eyes (automatically or manually).

* BrailleSettings.BrailleOptions was missing the property for ShowExtraSpacing. This problem has been resolved.

* The optional FirstPress parameter of a script hotkey callback was not always accurate. This problem has been resolved.

* We fixed a problem where you could not enable/disable, or gray/ungray menu items without having the menu item disappear.

* Renaming a listbox list item would cause the previous list item to be selected. This problem has been resolved.

* InsertString now functions correctly in Microsoft Office application.

* We fixed a problem where you would get "Unspecified Error" errors when shutting down some scripts.

* There were a few browse mode verbosity settings that were not returning the correct setting with scripting. This problem has been resolved.

-- Miscellaneous

* We fixed a problem where the top level menus in Audible Manager were not speaking.

* Moving the mouse between lines of text in Notepad could cause Window-Eyes to get confused. This problem has been resolved.

* 16-bit applications using standard 16-bit edit boxes were not reading correctly. Now they are.

* We fixed a typo in the command line help you get when running wineyes /?

* You can now launch Window-Eyes and ZoomText in any order on either 32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

* Window-Eyes Error Reporting continues to prove a incredible resource for being able to solve problems quickly, thereby increasing overall stability further and further. This version of Window-Eyes contains over 50 resolutions for submitted reports. You help make Window-Eyes the most stable and reliable screen reader available today. Thank you!