TrainingWare™ Window-Eyes Self-Learning Tutorials

One of the biggest challenges with assistive technology is getting access to affordable and high quality training. De Witt & Associates TrainingWare™ from Digital Apex is the ideal solution!

TrainingWare™ offers easy to use lesson plans that can be used by students on their own, or trainers can adapt the lessons to create a customized curriculum tailored to the specific needs of their school, agency or business.

TrainingWare™ Self-Learning Tutorials include:

  • Student assessment tools
  • Sequential lesson plans
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Keystrokes introduced, including a cumulative keystroke listing
  • Sample files (if applicable) for student practice
  • Individualized progress report forms

For a complete listing of Window-Eyes TrainingWare™ titles and prices or to order online, please visit the Tutorials catalog page. Each TrainingWare™ title is available as an accessible Microsoft Word document and is distributed on CD.