Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

I would not be writing these words were it not for Window-Eyes and prior to
that Vocal-Eyes. I work as a pastor, where not much was being made
accessible for persons who were blind or had other vision problems. I feel
as if I've grown up with Window-Eyes, through upgrade after upgrade my
freedom grew. I can now use a laptop to surf the web, do research for a
sermon and even download the Bible or a hymnal and carry both wherever I go.
With a myriad of hotkeys and shortcuts, I can share a network with others as
I did while working as a chaplain in a Grand Rapids, MI hospital.
Formatting is now a breeze with Office 2007 and Windows XP, (pun intended).
And formatting is what people see in a resume, a submission for a magazine
like The Braille Forum or a handout for a class. It was at one of the large
national conventions that I first met Window-Eyes and its founders. I was
welcome to sit in a chair, examine a keyboard and cheer when even the sound
of a synthesized voice told me that I had edited my first short document.
The staff at GW Micro still does that for people like me, whether they're
just beginning to love the intuitiveness of Window-Eyes or plunging into the
world of scripting for the first time. As an avid reader, I can now
download the same information everyone else can and read to my heart's
content. What a thril to write out a categorized grocery list and hand it
to Customer Service and how wonderful to shop online for Christmas gifts,
clothing, maybe a BookSense, and know that 20 years ago, these freedoms were
a dream that would become a reality.

Jo T., Roseville, MN

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