Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

I have been legally blind since birth, and have never had enough sight to read printed materials without the aid of a CCTV. When I was in my early 40's, I truly thought that the world of computers had just passed me by. My children were in grade school, and it was becoming more and more necessary for them to use a computer for school work. I was very concerned about the content they may be exposed to on the Internet and how I was going to monitor their use. I contacted the local vocational rehab office to find out what services were available in my area and was referred to someone who could introduce me to the latest technology options on the market.

On my first visit, I was shown the various screen reader and scanning software programs and discussed my training options. I knew instantly that my life was about to change in a very big way. I found Window-Eyes to be absolutely amazing! I could, after all, learn to use a computer. After about 20 hours of one-on-one instruction, I was exchanging emails with family and friends, exploring the web, creating Excel spread sheets to track contacts and financial data, and performing simple maintenance tasks. Most importantly, I was able to help and monitor my kids.

In the months to come, I became more and more interested in the possibilities Window-Eyes offered me in the area of employment. I was given the opportunity to work as a volunteer teaching keyboarding skills to other visually impaired adults, and that blossomed into a real love of working with adaptive technology programs and people experiencing vision loss. For the past few years, I have been working as a teacher while continuing to build my skills and knowledge. I now operate my own small business and am able to set up and service computers as well as teach people both with and without vision.

I use my computer on a daily basis to do my banking, record keeping for my business and home, research and explore on the internet, shop for groceries and other items, make travel reservations, and much more. I was able to use Window-Eyes to create and edit PowerPoint presentations and other materials for my son's high school band program.

My next challenge will be learning to create and edit web pages. I'm excited about the possibilities, and I feel very fortunate to be living in a time when there is no end in sight for the development of technology to assist people living with vision loss. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Mary L., West Allis, WI

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