Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

Since I'm totally blind, I had to have a screen reader to run a computer with Windows. I went to a distributor here in Denver and asked about screen readers. I was shown Window-Eyes and its main competition. I asked a lot of questions but the one point that was made by someone who used Window-Eyes before I got it was that GW Micro gave excellent personal service if I needed it. So I decided to go with Window-Eyes in 2001 and GW Micro has lived up to what I was told. I like AOL and all the services that it gives, but once they changed their screen around drastically and I couldn't figure out how to download files I needed. I called GW Micro and they had the answer for me the same day.

I do a number of things with my computer since I'm a published writer. I couldn't produce the articles I have written and do the necessary proofreading and editing and sometimes rewrites without Window-Eyes.

Gail S., Denver, CO

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