Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

There are many ways GW Micro has helped me
in my life. One of them of course is by providing a very reliable
product, one that works right out of the box. That is a big help to
folks like me who may not be adept at writing set files or scripts.
Along with that is the tremendous freedom with the mouse pointer. I
think many times this is overlooked. When a support person who doesn't
know or probably even care that I am blind directs me to the lower left
hand portion of the screen, I can go there. This also means that sighted
people can tell me how to do something with the mouse and I can do it
and did so, making it possible for me to use and adequately work with
programs where the traditional arrow keys did nothing.

The Braille Sense has afforded me the ability to go in to production
studios and read copy quietly without the sound of fingers over paper
and edit and change scripts making it possible for me to make last
minute copy changes just like my sighted competition.

These are all great things and proud accomplishments, but to me most of
all is because of my dealings with GW Micro and their products, I have
had the experience of finding out how REAL tech support is supposed to
work. I know what it's like to have a manufacturer help me with a
problem I'm having making their product better and expanding how I use
it, something very uncommon these days. Of course they are not perfect
and never claim to be, but if I were to start a business I would be glad
to emulate their way of treating each customer like they were important.
I could go on about how GW Micro has treated the competition with
respect and never has it been returned but why should I, it's is way too
obvious to anyone who has even the most casual interest. I am proud to
speak for GW Micro, because they speak for me every time I use one of
their products.

Chuck A., Columbus, OH

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