Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

I am Christine M. Afrom Malta. I have recently turned 30! I am a very active person. I am married and have two lovely twin daughters who are 10. I have been blind for the past ten years due to complications with diabetes and retinal problems. I have a small percent of vision in just one eye.. When I started losing my eye sight I was devastated as I am still young and had so much more to look forward to the future. I had a good job at a bank and I was a bookworm. Wherever I went I always carried a book with me as it was so relaxing and at the same time I learnt a lot. I felt so bad when I couldn't read and I started realizing how we take our senses for granted as long as they serve us without trouble. I felt it very depressing and humiliating haveing to ask some one to read my letters, mail, correspondence and even the simple task to write a letter. I had the support of friends and family but I had lost all my previous independence.

Then one day a member of the Maltese Commission for persons with a disability approached me and encouraged me to start learning breille and learn to use the computer all over again with the use of the screen reader. I couldn't believe my luck!!!! I had learned all the knowledge required to use Windows, Microsoft Office and browse the Internet within a few months!! Today I spend a lot of time on my PC as I do all the correspondence myself. I pay bills, read and reply to emils, surf the net and download info to help my children in school projects. I also use MSN and am working on opening my own Facebook account. Thanks to Window-Eyes, it is as if my eyesight has been restored to me. I have got my valued freedom back. I can start being ambitious again and plan on going back to a decent job for which I have all the necessary qualifications. My friends and strangers are all amazed by how a blind person like me can do all the normal things in life like printing a letter or reading and replying to an email just like sighted people with the commodity of technological advance! I have so much I have to thank you for. I really appreciate the effort and constant work you guys do, to help persons like me live normally and comfortably and do all the things all sighted persons can do.

Christine M., Malta

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