Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

It was in the summer of 1995 that I obtained my first GW-based computer.
Software and hardware were frightfully expensive, and I couldn't have done
it without a very welcome grant. The long DECtalk board and speaker alone
cost far more than does the whole Window-Eyes package today.

Vocal-Eyes 3.0 came on one diskette inside a huge binder with print and
cassette manuals. I doubt if the company had an actual Web site at the

In a very real way this first few years, with new versions of Vocal-Eyes
coming out frequently and a good Unix shell account for email and the Web,
represented the most fun I've had with computers. In fact it's hard to
say just when email became such a serious medium in all our lives.

I really couldn't see much need for adding Window-Eyes to the system, but
GW's upgrade offer seemed fair; so I got Ver. 1.0 of the product, still
dependent on that DEC circuit board.

Now that we're at Win-Eyes 7.11, the computer has turned into a necessity
rather than a hobby. I have to submit weekly call logs in Excel, and I
exchange emails with my fellow phone-based interpreters. The spirit of
those early DOS days isn't entirely gone from the scene though.

Window-Eyes now fits on one CD and no hardware is needed, but you still
have the same integrity and openness to change that marked those
Vocal-Eyes years

Thanks for a great product and outstanding support.

Max S., Minneapolis, MN

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