Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

I think some younger people take for granted that accessibility,
although not perfect, and computer use have always existed. When I
was a freshman in college, I had to depend exclusively on readers; I
did not have a tape recorder until the second semester of my senior
year in college. I had limited vision through high school, and it
took me a great deal of time to read anything, but by the time I was
in college, I could no longer read print texts, and the volume of
reading was much greater than in high school.

My first tape recorders were reel to reel, and they were not very
dependable; I shared them with the repair shop. Since I was a
Spanish major and took other languages, it was difficult to get
enough readers. Recorded material for my courses and Braille texts
were generally not available.

I taught in college, and my students enjoyed working for me as
readers. However, it was still difficult to manage schedules, and I
had to work when readers were available.

My computer, Vocal-Eyes, and Window-Eyes have completely transformed
my life and given me more control of my schedule and activities. I
have used Vocal-Eyes since 1992 and Window-Eyes since version
1.02. I can read when I choose, and, although there are still
problems with some programs and some web sites, most are accessible
because of Window-Eyes. I am retired and teach computer classes to
sighted retirees. I publish two newsletters for organizations, and I
am chairman of the Web Site Committee for the retirement Community
where I live. None of this would be possible without Window-Eyes and
my talking computer. I do not have a lot of tech questions, but GW
Micro support has always been very prompt and extremely helpful when
I request assistance.

Marjorie S., Raymore, MO

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