Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

Since I've switched from J*** to Window-Eyes, I've found the Window-Eyes product very easy to use, and very versital. I don't feel as if I have to be an engineer to use it.

The Braille Sense, which you distribute, is a very indispensable machine. I also find it very easy to use and practical.

Getting back to Window-Eyes, the support for this, and all products, has been second to none. The people can put themselves in your place, and they are very helpful in figuring out what's wrong. Not only that, but they aren't afraid to repair products either. They work with their people without limit, and I feel very comfortable with the customer service I have received.

Congratulations, and keep up the good and marvelous work!

Martha L., Columbus, OH

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