Window-Eyes is customer driven, and its success depends on the people who use it. The following is a random testimonial from a satisfied Window-Eyes customer.

Since deciding to write this e mail telling how GW Micro has impacted my life I've discovered that this may be undertaking a task bigger than I'm capable of handling. My daily life revolves around Window-Eyes. From the time I arise in the morning most of what I do involves GW Micro. From reading my messages to accessing the VIP conduit wevsite to visit with my friends to doing my work on the website, Window-Eyes is my constant companion. It's Window-Eyes that makes it possible for me to read on line news articles, shop, play games and much more. One of my daily activities is working on my Accessible Devices Website. If it wasn't for Window-Eyes I couldn't do this. In fact, if it wasn't for Window-Eyes there wouldn't be an Accessible Devices website.

I couldn't write this message without taking a moment to compliment the people of GW Micro along with the product. Since starting with Window-Eyes back about version 2.9 I've been impressed with the product and especially with the people. Dan and Doug have chosen well. I started the Accessible devices event, and later the website around 2002. Since than it has been our pleasure to have Doug and others present some of the GW Micro products. They have always done a great job. In my opinion the support people are certainly among the best in the business. I came to computers very late in life and the learning curve was quite daunting. The support team has been very patient. I will be eternally grateful to them that I haven't found any of my support calls gracing the Computer Stupidities web site.

Congratulations on your first twenty years and here's hoping for a hundred or so more,

Parker W., Springfield, MO

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