Window-Eyes Certification Program Policies and Details

The overall goal of the Window-Eyes certification program is to provide a vehicle for individuals to obtain an officially endorsed Window-Eyes certification from Ai Squared as well as to help foster the growth of a strong community of Window-Eyes users. In order to receive the Window-Eyes certification, you must pass an online knowledge based test.

The Window-Eyes online certification test is available to any individual who wishes to assess their Window-Eyes knowledge and attempt to become Window-Eyes certified. Potential candidates for Window-Eyes certification include teachers, students, trainers, consultants, vocational rehabilitation staff, Window-Eyes users, AT professionals, and IT professionals.

What does the test cover?

The certification covers the following categories:

  • Window-Eyes Features
  • Window-Eyes Installation
  • Window-Eyes Hotkeys
  • Window-Eyes User Interface
  • Window-Eyes and Microsoft Office
  • Navigating a Web Page with Window-Eyes
  • Window-Eyes Apps
  • Window-Eyes and Braille
  • Accessing Window-Eyes Support Resources/General Troubleshooting
  • Window-Eyes Training

Those who seek certification should study the Window-Eyes manual, knowledge base, audio tutorial (also found on the Window-Eyes CD) and this website as all questions can be answered using these resources.

The test will consist of 100 multiple choice questions.

Sample Question

What is the hotkey to read the title bar of the current program?

  • A. Control-Shift-R
  • B. Control-Shift-T (correct)
  • C. Control-Shift-B
  • D. None of the above

The maximum amount of time allotted for the certification test is three hours. The test may be taken on any computer that has a high speed Internet connection. It is recommended that you have Window-Eyes running while taking the test in case you need to quickly access information for the test.

To pass the test, you must score 85% or higher. The test questions are selected at random from a large pool of questions, so each test will be different.

All questions on the certification test are based on the retail version of Window-Eyes configured with the default settings. Certification test questions are not based on the version of Window-Eyes available through the offer for users of Microsoft Office.

The Window-Eyes certification test is available in English and restricted to customers living in English speaking countries (e.g. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). Other languages and support for customers living in non-English speaking countries may be added at a later time.

What does certification cost?

The cost to take the Window-Eyes certification test is $149. The cost to take a certification renewal test is $39, and is required to become certified for a new version (major upgrade) of Window-Eyes and can be obtained after the new version is released.

The fee must be paid prior to taking the certification test. Individuals can pay for their Window-Eyes certification test by calling Ai Squared at (802) 362-3612 or order a certification test online (US customers only). If you are an organization seeking certification for multiple individuals, please contact Ai Squared by phone to place your order.

You will be asked for your payment information when you complete the ordering process. After placing your order for a certification test, you will receive a unique order number which is required to begin the Window-Eyes certification test.

Test takers who do not pass the test may retake the test after a 30-day period has passed, but will need to pay the exam for a new certification or a renewal each time the test is retaken. You may take the test as many times as needed.

How do I take the test?

After ordering a Window-Eyes certification test, visit the Certification Test page to get started. Enter your order code, email address (optional), check the check box to acknowledge that you will have three hours to complete the test and then activate the Begin Test Now button to start the test. The three hour timer for your test will start after activating the Begin Test Now button.

What happens after you take the test?

Upon successful completion of the test, you will receive a certificate of completion mailed to you. Additionally, you will receive a Window-Eyes certification logo that you may use on your email signature and other materials, such as your personal or company website. The Window-Eyes certification logo means that you have successfully completed the Window-Eyes certification test and have a thorough understanding of Window-Eyes and Window-Eyes concepts. Window-Eyes certification does not indicate that you are a certified trainer, but that you do have substantial Window-Eyes knowledge which can help you gain valuable experience and credibility in the accessibility field.