Window-Eyes is designed to be user friendly and easy to use, but we know that sometimes you need a little help getting started. That's where Window-Eyes Remote Training comes into play.

With Window-Eyes Remote Training, you get one-on-one training over the phone with an Ai Squared certified trainer. The trainer will connect to your computer – it will be just like they are in the same room with you! There are no long-distance phone charges because the trainer will be calling you.

Many times customers call technical support in need of a crash course in Window-Eyes so they feel comfortable with the basics. With Remote Training, that option is now available! Keep in mind that the training is not technical support, but our trainers are extremely knowledgeable and will help you with every possible need you have. To get the most out of the Window-Eyes Remote Training, students must have good working knowledge of using the keyboard.

Another convenience of Window-Eyes Remote Training is availability. Once you have paid for a remote training session, an Ai Squared trainer will contact you and setup a time to deliver the training that works best for you. Not to worry if you are a busy professional and work during the day; we are able to provide remote training outside our normal business hours. While weekend hours are extremely limited, it is possible to schedule after business hours training. 

Ai Squared continues to offer Window-Eyes University, which provides the entire Window-Eyes curriculum over two days, and is held in various places around the country. While Window-Eyes University is an excellent hands-on, in depth training course, many beginners feel they need some individual attention at first, especially to cover the basics. Remote Training isn’t just for beginners though! Those who have used Window-Eyes for years without ever receiving official training now have a chance to develop some advanced Window-Eyes skills via Remote Training.

The cost for Window-Eyes Remote Training is $99 per hour, or you can purchase two hours of training for $175. Get yourself started with Window-Eyes or purchase training as a gift for someone else.

Order Window-Eyes Remote Training Online!

Payment must be received prior to the start of the training. Window-Eyes Remote Training is currently only available in the United States and Canada.

To schedule a Window-Eyes Remote Training session today, call Ai Squared at (802) 362-3612, and select the option for training.