GWKB2056 : Participating in a Webinar with Talking Communities

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Marc Solomon
Date Added: 02/14/2014
Last Modified: 11/05/2014

­Ai Squared currently uses a Talking Communities conference room to facilitate online training webinars. The information provided in this guide will help you make the most of your experience when attending a webinar.

First Use­­

Before you can participate in a webinar, you will need to download and install the Talking Communities conference room plugin. To start the process, activate the do­wnload link found on the following webpage: www.aisquared­.com/meeting. If you need assistance with installing or troubleshooting the Talking Communities meeting room, please contact Talking Communities by phone at: (262) 456-5911.­

Screen Focus

The Talking Communities conference room has several areas that you can access using simple keyboard shortcuts. Each of these areas serves a different purpose so it is important to know what these areas are, how to navigate to them and what you can do once you navigate there.

Browser Navigation

F6 is used to move focus to the Browser Navigation area. This area is used by the moderator to present different types of information including PowerPoint presentations, documents, web pages and desktop streaming. Once you focus this area, you can access the content much like you would content in a web browser.

User List

F7 is used to move focus to the user list. This area lists all of the moderators and participants in the conference room. Opening the context menu on a selected user presents you with a list of additional options for interacting with the selected user.

Text Chat Entry

F8 is used to move focus to the text chat entry. This area is an rich text edit box that you can use to type questions or comments and then submit them so the moderator and other users can review your message. To send a text chat, press Enter after typing your message.

Text Chat Messages

F9 is used to move focus to the text chat messages. This area contains the history of all text chat messages posted by the moderator and participants. Use standard text navigation commands to review the content. For example, you can use up and down arrow to review the chat messages line by line.

Using the Microphone

If you have a microphone, you can use it to ask questions or make comments. The microphone operates like a walkie talkie and the talk key is Control. When you want to speak, press and hold down the Control key, and when you are done talking, release the Control key. Please note that the moderator can lock the microphone so you may not be able to use the microphone at all times when in the conference room.

Turning Off Progress Indicator

The Window-Eyes Progr­ess Indicator app is used to announce the current state of progress and status bars displayed on the screen. When the microphone is in use, there is a progress bar displayed and by default the Progress Indicator app will generate a series of audible tones. Since the progress bar serves no purpose in this context, it is recommended you block the Progress Indicator app in the conference room window by pressing Control-Shift­-Windows-P.