GWKB2048 : Window-Eyes Does Not Read A Microsoft Word Document

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 11/27/2013
Last Modified: 12/02/2013

Symptom: Window-Eyes does not read any text when moving the cursor in a Microsoft Word document.

Solution:  First, make sure you have exited Protected View by following the steps at

The next troubleshooting step you should attempt is to make sure you have the correct Microsoft Office factory set files installed.  Note that when you reinstall set files, any apps associated with the set file will no longer be associated, so you will need to reinstall them.

To reinstall the Microsoft Office factory set files, perform the following steps:

1.    Close all Microsoft Office programs
2.    Press Control-Backslash to open the Window-Eyes Control Panel
3.    Press Alt-F to open the File menu
4.    Press F to activate the Factory Settings menu item
5.    Press O until you hear the version of Microsoft Office that is installed on your computer
6.    Press Enter, which will activate the Install button
7.    If you are asked to merge or replace, make sure to select replace. If asked, Tab to the Replace button and press Enter

The factory settings should now be installed.  Open Microsoft Word to verify that Window-Eyes is reading your document correctly.  If the document is read accurately, then you are finished.  If not, continue with the following steps:

Word 2010/2013

1.    Open Microsoft Word
2.    Press Alt-F to open the File button
3.    Press T to open the Options dialog
4.    Down Arrow to Add-ins
5.    Press Alt-A to access the Manage combo box
6.    Press Down Arrow until you are on Disabled Items
7.    Press Enter
8.    Press Alt-G to activate the Go button
9.    If Window-Eyes Office Helper Add-ins is listed in the dialog, select it using the Up or Down Arrow keys
10.    Press Tab until you are on the Enable button
11.    Press Enter
12.    If the dialog remains open, Tab to the Close button and press Enter
13.    Tab to the Ok button and press Enter
14.    Restart Word

If the problem persists, please contact GW Micro Technical Support.