GWKB2025 : Stop Attachments from Opening Automatically in Outlook 2010

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 02/07/2013
Last Modified: 02/07/2013


In Outlook 2010, attachments automatically open without asking.


There may be times in Outlook 2010 when attachments will automatically open when you did not specifically ask them to open. To keep this from happening, perform the following steps while in Outlook 2010.

1.    Press Alt-F to open the File button
2.    Press T to open Options
3.    Press T until you hear "Trust Center." You may also press the Down Arrow to navigate to Trust Center
4.    Press Alt-T to activate the Trust Center Settings button
5.    Use your Up or Down Arrow key to navigate to Attachment Handling
6.    Press Alt-T to check the Turn Off Attachment Preview check box
7.    Press Enter
8.    Tab to the OK button
9.    Press Enter

Attachments should no longer open automatically.