GWKB2024 : Changing Comments in Word to Work with Window-Eyes

Product: Window-Eyes
Author: Jeremy Curry
Date Added: 02/07/2013
Last Modified: 02/07/2013


When trying to read a comment in Microsoft Word with Window-Eyes, the comment cannot be read or you cannot exit the comment.


This article will use the keystrokes from Microsoft Word 2010 to resolve this issue.  If you are using a different version of Word, the steps and/or keystrokes may vary slightly.

Comments can appear on different parts of the screen depending on which view you are using for your document.  Additionally, comments can also display differently depending on your settings. To ensure comments are accessible, you will need to make sure you are in Print Layout (sometimes called Print View) and that your comments are in balloons to solve these two issues.

Note: Make sure you are not in a comment before making these changes.

Change to Print Layout

Changing to Print Layout will ensure that your comments will be accessible via the keyboard.  To make sure you are in Print Layout, do the following steps in Microsoft Word:

1.    Press Alt-W to access the View tab
2.    Press P to activate the Print Layout button

Your document should now be in Print Layout.

Put Comments in Balloons

Putting your comments in balloons will ensure that you can read comments correctly.  To do this, perform the following steps in Microsoft Word:

1.    Press Alt-R to access the Review tab
2.    Press TM to activate the Show Markup drop-down button
3.    Press B to open the Balloons pull down menu
4.    Press B to check Show Revisions in Balloons

You will now be able to access and navigate comments in Word with Window-Eyes.