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 The celebration continues: Retweet from GW Micro and win!


 Mon, Mar 8, 2010 4:16:59 pm
The celebration continues: Retweet from GW Micro and win!Thanks to all of you who sent testimonials about Window-Eyes last month. To continue our 20-year anniversary celebration, GW Micro is pleased to announce our next promotion. To participate, you will need to have a Twitter account, and you will need to be a Follower of GW Micro on Twitter. Here's how it works.

Login to your Twitter account, become a follower of GW Micro (if you aren't already), and then retweet (RT) the following message from GW Micro:

"GW Micro is celebrating 20 years of excellence! Check us out at Become a follower, retweet this message and win $50!"

Starting today, and on each Monday remaining in March, we'll have a new message for you to retweet. At the end of each week, we'll draw a random name from the list of everyone who has retweeted the message. That person will win a $50 gift card. So, hurry and go start tweeting!

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