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 "BT" <>


 Star Trek Upgrade


 Thu, May 3, 2012 9:31:09 am

The Star Trek game, Trek game, located in the newly created Games
I fixed several issues with the game that was already in the
Battle4Kids game; of course there is an adult option in that game.
The Star trek game would die inside a windows 7 for 2 reasons, 1) The
Sapi default voices or no registered voices were blank or an error. 2) The
default directory was not being registered for the Windoweyes default
directory so that would spike all sounds since it did not know where the
sound files were...
I also will add an option to install more voices from the Sapi 5 engine
if you only have one voice. These ESpeak voices, British voices, are good
for the computer voice or any choice you wish on your list. If you have Jaws
or Open Book or other loaded programs you do have other Sapi voices to use.
The future game will also include the Windoweyes 3 voice choices,
Screen, Mouse, Keyboard. So at least you will have 3 voices for
Captain/computer, Spock, and Scotty. Which are adjusted F3, F4,F5
respectively; but once that function key is pressed, the same keys
respectively starting with F1 adjust the voice, Rate, Pitch, then Volume.
Either you press the right arrow to each and once on volume adjusted it and
you then press enter you will exit, or to exit after adjusting any of them,
just hit the Escape key for immediate exit.
If I do use the BattleShip game format the voice adjustments will be a
little easier.