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 Jared Rimer <>


 Some issues with GW Skype


 Thu, Mar 15, 2012 11:24:58 am
Hi all, Especially GW Micro,
I was asked to join this list to report issues with ZGW Skype, and I
have a couple of them.

1. When rejecting a call, GW Skype crashes on my Windows 7 64 bit
system and even when I'm on a call it will.
2. When I don't answer skype, it is supposed to go to voicemail which
is enabled on my account. With GW Skype, this is no longer the case.
If it isn't call forwarded, then the call will ring out.

I thought there was more, but now I can't seem to think what else I had,
so I'll start with those two which can be reproduced on my system all
the time.
Jared Rimer