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The Window-Eyes Video Support Utility can be used to install Window-Eyes Video Support onto a Windows 2000/XP/2003 computer which does not already have Window-Eyes Video Support installed. Window-Eyes Video Support allows Window-Eyes to communicate with the system's video driver so that information can be obtained from the screen, and presented to the user through synthesized speech. The most common use for the Window-Eyes Video Support Utility will be to install Window-Eyes Video Support prior to running the Window-Eyes Mobile install. There are a few other rules to follow:
  • Window-Eyes Video Support must be installed prior to running Window-Eyes Mobile.
  • The Window-Eyes Video Support version, and the Window-Eyes Mobile version must match exactly. In other words, Window-Eyes 6.0 Video Support will only work with Window-Eyes 6.0 Mobile.
  • Administrator rights are required to install Window-Eyes Video Support.
  • Window-Eyes Video Support will offer an uninstall option in the Add/Remove Programs control panel. Window-Eyes Mobile will not offer an uninstall option in the Add/Remove Programs control panel, as it is portable, and may not exist on the same machine where the installation was run. Window-Eyes Mobile is self contained, and can be removed simply by deleting the Window-Eyes Mobile directory.

The Window-Eyes 6.0 Video Support Utility may be used to upgrade an existing Window-Eyes 5.5 Video Support installation.

More information, including the preceding rules regarding the installation of Window-Eyes Video Support, and Window-Eyes Mobile, can be found in the Window-Eyes Manual.

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