As a counselor, why should you choose Window-Eyes

As a counselor, why should you choose Window-Eyes?


Because you need . . .

*    a screen reader that is on the cutting edge of technology. We were the first screen reader to fully support Windows Vista, Office 2007, the Outlook Calendar, Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Citrix, Macromedia Flash, PDF files, and Accessible DHTML (the new web standard), Remote Desktop, and Terminal Services.

*    a screen reader that will work with more applications right out of the box without the need for complicated, expensive programming.

*    a screen reader company that works closely with Microsoft. This relationship allowed Window-Eyes to be the first screen reader to support Windows Vista and Office 2007.

*    a screen reader for your client that won't haunt you with computer crashes. Our software is tested extensively before it is ever released as an official version. And our close relationship with Microsoft allows Window-Eyes to be one of the most stable screen readers available.

*    a screen reader from a company who is also an advocate for blind people. We not only employ blind and low vision people, but we work with developers of all types of software applications to teach them how to make accessible applications, rather than just hacking around the problems.

*    to purchase a screen reader from a company who provides training around the country.


You can serve more clients with Window-Eyes than other screen readers. For example, if you have $30,000 in your budget, you can serve 33 clients with Window-Eyes (for a client who is using Windows XP Pro and remote services) compared to only 23 clients with competing screen readers. That's 10 extra clients that could be served with

the SAME amount of money.


Help more people with NO extra cost!