The GW Micro Education page provide information regarding GW Micro products and resources for users in educational settings. GW Micro products assist with learning, regardless of education level.

Window-Eyes Supports Students of All Ages

Window-Eyes is hightly customizable and can be configured to support a wide range of users from beginner to advanced. A simple and intuitive user interface makes Window-Eyes easy to learn for children. For power users, you can show advanced options to enable access to all of the power of Window-Eyes.

Support for advanced applications such as MathML and Microsoft Visual Studio provide high school and college students with the power they need to excel. Unprecedented support for Microsoft Office applications and Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox, ensure that all students have access to the tools and information they need for any project.

Teacher Resources

GW Micro has developed a number of helpful resources to assist teachers with learning how to use our products and teach others how to use them. Please activate the Teacher Resources link to access these helpful materials.

Window-Eyes License Information

GW Micro's Window-Eyes screen reader licensing is very flexible and designed to meet the needs of many different types of educational organizations and computing environments. To learn more about the various Window-Eyes license options, please activate the Window-Eyes License Information link.

Window-Eyes Educational Discount

GW Micro offers educational institutions a special discount on the purchase of a 10-user site license. To learn more about the Window-Eyes educational discount, please activate the Window-Eyes Educational Discount link.