Custom Scripting Service

Do you or your organization have a software application that you need to be accessible to the blind? Let us help you make your software accessible with custom scripting solutions for Window-Eyes.

Whether you are a large corporation, a government agency, or an individual, there are many times when you need to access an application that is not accessible out of the box. Let us help you make the software application accessible through the power of Window-Eyes scripting.

Window-Eyes scripting can be used in many ways, including making an application accessible, making an application more efficient for a blind or visually impaired user, or to enhance existing accessibility to an application. GW Micro offers custom script-writing solutions designed to your specifications.

What is involved in the custom script-writing process?

There is a simple three-step process to creating custom scripts for Window-Eyes. All of the following steps are completed offsite. Onsite work can be arranged for an additional fee. Once you have completed each step, there is no obligation to take the next step.

Step 1: Application Analysis - $125 to get started

Contact GW Micro to begin your software application analysis. During this step, GW Micro will look at your software application to determine how long it will take to quote the script for your software. Software can be extremely complicated, and this allows you to find out how many hours it will take GW Micro to quote the custom scripting solution.

During step 1, GW Micro will spend an hour with your software to determine the amount of hours it will take to quote the custom script. To provide you with an accurate quote, GW Micro will need to know your requirements for your software. That is, we will need a list of all of the screens and areas you require to be accessible. GW Micro will provide a user requirements report template that you can use to compile the required information. GW Micro must be provided with the completed user requirements report prior to starting step 1.

Please note that additional charges may apply if the software in question requires additional service time to install and configure for the application analysis. Additional time for installation and configuration will be billed on an hourly basis.

Step 2: Cost Evaluation - $125 per hour

Once you have completed the first step, you will know exactly how many hours it will take to quote a custom Window-Eyes script for your software. The amount of hours will vary depending upon the amount of work needed to make the software accessible. GW Micro will perform the quoted amount of hours, and determine an exact amount of how many hours it will take to write your custom Window-Eyes script. Upon completion of this step, you will know exactly how many hours it will take to write your custom Window-Eyes script.

Step 3: Custom Script Development - $125 per hour

The third and final step is the actual writing of your custom script. As with the quote, the amount of hours to write the script will vary depending on your specifications and the size of your project.

Once the script is written, GW Micro will walk you through installing the script to ensure it will work on your system via user-testing. Once the script is complete, the third step includes a GW Micro trainer spending up to three hours training you how to use the Window-Eyes script with your application. If you require more than three hours of training, custom training can be purchased for an additional fee.

If you choose, you may also hire GW Micro to write custom scripts based on time and materials at $125 per hour, but the above three-step process is our preferred method to ensure you receive the exact custom Window-Eyes script that you need.

For more information or to start the custom script-writing process, please call us at (260) 489-3671, or send an email to