The GW Micro Corporate pages provide information regarding GW Micro programs and services related to corporate environments.

Product Support

We at GW Micro pride ourselves in maintaining high quality, robust products that withstand the high traffic of corporate environments. From unprecedented support for Microsoft Office to groundbreaking support for Accessible DHTML, and thanks to partnerships with big name businesses like Microsoft, IBM, PeopleSoft, Citrix, Adobe, Macromedia, Mozilla (and much more), Window-Eyes is the clear choice for successful, reliable productivity.

Application Evaluation

Corporate environments often deploy custom built applications designed for tasks relating specifically to their own business model (call tracking, case management, etc.). Unfortunately, accessibility is often a last minute idea during the development process of these types of applications, if it's even thought about at all.

GW Micro representatives can provide evaluation and recommendations regarding accessibility with Window-Eyes to aid in creating an accessible environment for visually impaired employees. For more information on this service, please contact

Window-Eyes and Remote Access

Window-Eyes was the first screen reader to provide support for remote access applications, such as Citrix MetaFrame XP, Microsoft Terminal Services, and Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop. Support for remote access comes free with the purchase of Window-Eyes, is not copy protected (applies to U.S, Canada, U.K., Austrailia, New Zealand), and means Window-Eyes users have access to server hosted applications, without the need to have them installed locally on an employee's workstation.

For example, publishing Window-Eyes on a Citrix MetaFrame XP server enables end users to hear other server-based applications, just as if both applications were running locally on the desktop.

Server-based deployment of applications has three key benefits:

  • Providing users with secure access to enterprise resources from anywhere at any time
  • Maximizing IT efficiency with centralized administration
  • Ensuring a consistent set of applications and versions for all users, regardless of location, device or connection

A company's IT department can install all the mission-critical applications (such as word processors, email, and order entry systems) on a centralized group of servers. Employees then access the applications on those servers from their own client devices (desktops, laptops, etc.). When the IT department updates a critical application, all users automatically connect to the updated version, without the need to install the new application on each individual workstation.

Another benefit to Window-Eyes Remote Access support is that multiple versions can co-exist peacefully. In other words, a new version of Window-Eyes can run server side (or client side), while older versions can be run client side (or server side), meaning that Window-Eyes users will not be without remote access when rolling out upgrades. Other screen readers require versions to match, making the upgrade process difficult, if not impossible.


GW Micro strives to keep security in the forefront of the Window-Eyes development process:

  • When Window-Eyes communicates with low level areas of the operating system, great care is taken to ensure that system processes are greatly restricted.
  • Window-Eyes Error Reporting (a first in the adaptive technology industry) communicates anonymous information regarding internal errors directly to our developers so that problems can be resolved accurately and quickly.
  • Window-Eyes development undergoes constant code reviews to ensure that exploits and vulnerabilities are non-existant.
  • GW Micro employs security conscious developers who understand security matters in both their development processes and in their personal computing endeavors.

Window-Eyes Mobile Install

With the Window-Eyes Mobile Install, users can run Window-Eyes directly from a removable drive (such as a USB thumb drive), meaning portability without barriers.

IT support technicians can use Window-Eyes Mobile as they move from machine to machine, installing upgrades, or providing technical assistance. Students can use Window-Eyes Mobile when traveling between computer labs, or libraries. An existing copy of Window-Eyes can even be copied to a removable drive for preserving existing settings when transfering from home to the office.

The Window-Eyes Mobile install comes free with the purchase of Window-Eyes, and is not copy protected (applies to U.S, Canada, U.K., Austrailia, New Zealand).