Window-Eyes Basics

Upgrading Window-Eyes - This tutorial walks the user step-by-step through the process of checking for Window-Eyes updates, including how to obtain the Window-Eyes serial number, navigating the GW Micro upgrade page, and installing the new Window-Eyes release.

Window-Eyes Audio Tutorial

The most recent Window-Eyes tutorial is available online in MP3 format for both download and streaming.

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Section NameSizeLength  
Introduction1.6MB2m 49sDownload Introduction
System Requirements1.1MB1m 57sDownload System Requirements
Installation15.8MB25m 43sDownload Installation
The Quick Start Wizard13.2MB21m 29sDownload The Quick Start Wizard
Adjusting Speech Parameters4.8MB7m 48sDownload Adjusting Speech Parameters
Your Braille Display5.2MB8m 24sDownload Your Braille Display
Introducing The Window-Eyes Control Panel19.0MB30m 35sDownload Introducing The Window-Eyes Control Panel
Navigating The Desktop13.6MB21m 45sDownload Navigating The Desktop
The Windows 8 Start Screen9.9MB16m 10sDownload The Windows 8 Start Screen
Windows Explorer9.1MB14m 31sDownload Windows Explorer
Reading Information Relative To The Cursor6.3MB10m 07sDownload Reading Information Relative To The Cursor
Reading Information With The Mouse10.7MB17m 09sDownload Reading Information With The Mouse
Microsoft Word18.2MB29m 08sDownload Microsoft Word
The Internet36.9MB1m 00m 04sDownload The Internet
Windows Live Mail10.1MB16m 20sDownload Windows Live Mail
Window-Eyes Apps37.5MB1m 00m 34sDownload Window-Eyes Apps
Windows Help6.7MB10m 49sDownload Windows Help
Misc Reading Hotkeys9.9MB16m 02sDownload Misc Reading Hotkeys
Conclusion1.1MB1m 52sDownload Conclusion

Full Audio Tutorial (228.4MB) Download Full Tutorial