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Ever since the initial release of the Skype™ client in mid 2003, people from all around the world have used it to initiate high-quality voice and text conversations, send and receive files, and stay in touch with one another. The visually impaired community, likewise, has used Skype since then to facilitate equal communication with each other and their sighted counterparts.

However, as the service has grown, so too has the program. For years, screen reader users have kept up with Skype's ever-morphing interface either with custom patches, scripts, or apps. While largely successful, such utilities must be constantly maintained as any new version of Skype can, and often will, cause previously working scripts or apps to stop functioning properly.

In mid 2011, Skype announced its SkypeKit developer program. This service allows program developers to directly access nearly all Skype services without the additional need of traversing its user interface. Developers, therefore, can create their own interface to Skype and seamlessly integrate it into their own products. And, because the underlying Skype services are much less likely to change on a whim, GW Micro decided to take advantage of this service and create a simple, elegant, fully accessible interface to Skype which is designed with the visually impaired community in mind.

GWConnect is an application that is plugged into Skype. Having full control of the user interface also means that unlike the official Skype client, GWConnect's interface will not dramatically change from version to version. When you learn how to use GWConnect today, you can be confident that your knowledge will continue to apply in the future as new versions are released.

Why GWConnect?

  • GWConnect will always make the Skype service available to blind and visually impaired computer users regardless of new versions of Skype that are released.
  • GWConnect is a demonstration of the power of interfacing with Window-Eyes.
  • All blind and visually impaired users who are running Windows can use GWConnect at no cost. Even those consumers not running Window-Eyes can still download and use GWConnect. Note that non-Window-Eyes users will receive periodic advertisements every half hour. To run GWConnect ad-free, visit the GWConnect catalog page to purchase an activation license. Note that aside from running with ads, the free version has no other restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding GWConnect. If you continue to have questions or require assistance after reading this section, please use the information in the "Contact Information" section to reach a GW Micro support specialist.

Do I have to install the official Skype client to use GWConnect?

No. The GWConnect setup contains everything required to interact with the Skype service. You may, however, install the official Skype client and switch between the two programs at your own discretion.

Do I have to be a Window-Eyes user to run GWConnect?

No. GWConnect will work with all recent versions of Windows screen readers and magnifiers. GWConnect is written to allow all blind and visually impaired people, regardless of screen reader preference, to have an easy, accessible Skype experience.

How much does GWConnect cost?

GWConnect costs nothing. It is available for free at If you are not a Window-Eyes user, however, you may purchase an ad-free experience by visiting the GWConnect catalog page at

Can I sign up for the Skype service with GWConnect?

Yes. To sign up for Skype, simply open the "Sign In" window from under the Skype menu and click the "Sign up for Skype" button. You will be taken to the account sign up web page at where you can create a new account. When your account has been successfully created, enter your new Skype username and password into the sign in window, click "Sign In," and you can begin using Skype immediately.

Why does my password disappear when I open the sign in window?

The part of GWConnect responsible for handling communication between the GWConnect user interface and the Skype service handles all password storage and management. As such, GWConnect itself never stores your password for any reason. Thus, if you have GWConnect set to automatically sign in to your account and you have instructed it to remember your password, the program will do so until you manually sign out.

Whenever I talk to someone, the rest of my Windows audio gets turned down. How do I fix this?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 include a feature where the operating system automatically ducks any background audio whenever services such as GWConnect are used. This has the unfortunate consequence of also turning down your software speech synthesizer. To disable this:

  1. Press the Windows key to open the Start Menu.
  2. Enter "sound," and press the Down Arrow until you reach the Control Panel applet.
  3. Press Control-Tab until you reach the "Communications" tab.
  4. Your keyboard focus lands in a group of radio buttons. Press the Down Arrow until you reach "Do Nothing."
  5. Press Alt-A to activate the "Apply" button.
  6. Press Enter to close the dialog.

Now, when you make or receive Skype calls, your Windows audio settings will be left alone.

Why can't I send or receive video calls?

While the Windows Skype runtime includes some video support, the needed infrastructure was not made available in time for GWConnect 2.0. GWConnect will be updated to support video calling in a future update.

Can I run GWConnect and the official Skype client at the same time?

Yes. If you are running GWConnect 1.03 or newer, you may sign in to both Skype and GWConnect with the same account on the same computer with no conflicts. If you are running older versions of GWConnect, however, you must sign in to separate accounts for each program to prevent a database I/O error. In either instance, no conflict will occur if you sign in to your account on multiple machines.

Take care, however, that you have no overlapping global hotkey definitions between both programs. Otherwise, whichever program loads first will receive access to the commands. For instance, if you have Skype and GWConnect set to pick up incoming calls with the Alt-Page Up hotkey, and you load Skype after GWConnect, then GWConnect will use the command because it was loaded first. Additionally, there may be unpredictable behavior if both programs attempt to access the same audio hardware simultaneously. If possible, use separate hotkeys and audio devices for each program to minimize any potential resource conflicts.

Will I be able to use third-party plugins (such as call recorders) with GWConnect?

No. Third-party plugins which utilize the Skype desktop API are currently not compatible with custom Skype clients-- including GWConnect. On the other hand, programs which create virtual audio devices for the sake of capturing audio such as Total Recorder from have been reported to enable call recording in GWConnect.

Do others on my contact list have to also run GWConnect before I can call them?

No. Your contacts may use any Skype client which supports voice calls and/or text chatting such as GWConnect, the official Skype client for Windows, or even Skype for other operating systems such as Mac OSX, iOS, Android, and Linux. In the end, GWConnect is simply an accessible front-end to the same Skype service used by millions of people around the globe every day.

Why does GWConnect keep changing my preferred audio input device to my sound card's microphone?

If you have a sound card such as an SB Live Value or SB Audigy and use Windows XP, GWConnect will only be able to access the generic input driver exposed through Windows. As a consequence, you cannot directly configure the hardware input (microphone, line in, stereo mix, etc.) from within GWConnect's options window. If this happens, the Skype runtime will always select the microphone despite what you may have set in the Windows Volume Control. While Skype is aware of this issue, there is presently no way to disable this behavior. If possible, use a different sound card with GWConnect which exposes individual hardware inputs and outputs.

I sometimes receive a "Connect Error" message when I try to send a voicemail. What can I do?

This is a Skype Kit issue which is still under investigation. An update will be made available once Skype identifies and corrects the problem.

Getting Support

GWConnect technical support is available exclusively through the GW-Apps mailing list. Here you can interact with other GWConnect users and GW Micro staff should you have any problems, suggestions, or questions. To subscribe to GW-Apps, visit GW Micro offers no telephone-based support for GWConnect.

Skype™ is a trademark of Skype Technologies S.A.

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Supported Languages: English, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Danish, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Slovak, Nepali

Minimum Version: Window-Eyes 7.0

Version 2.15

1/27/2014 11:46:38 AM
  • Updated the German translation.

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On 4/26/2013, Heatherstubbs8 wrote:

I've had nothing but trouble with this since I first downloaded it earlier today. I even changed my password with Skype thinking that would solve my problem, buit no luck. I keep getting logged out every time I sign in.

On 8/2/2012, jennipalmer1011 wrote:

I wish it would stop disabling sounds. Like calls work far as it using my usb soundcard for the call as a mic and stuff but the sounds for the program stop working and i have to reset them the next time i restart the program I have to do it all over. I have no idea what's causing this. It's annoying though. Then when I do unplug the usb sound card then plug it back in i gotta tell it all the device settings again. odd. oh and sometimes sounds work sometimes they don't. Any work on this or pointers are appreciated.

On 5/23/2012, msoct wrote:

This latest update of gw connect is truly magnificent. I love the add free option and the fact calls can be held and resumed and contacts can be renamed. Truly the only two features separating gw connect from native skype are video support and facebook integration. Once these are implemented gw connect will be right up there with native skype. Keep up the excelent work. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what improvements come in the future. I can't say enough about this wonderful product.

On 3/27/2012, solidrock wrote:

GW Connect is a terrific product, I use it every day. Version 1.05 took a step backward, it takes a long long time to launch. But once it launches, it is still terrific.

On 2/17/2012, slanovani wrote:

gw connect is becoming more magnificent every time, but it still misses an important feature. on the original skype client, users can rename their contacts, i mean, customize the name of a particular contact. i think, this feature must also be implemented in gw connect

On 1/29/2012, slanovani wrote:

why can't i rename my contacts?

On 1/28/2012, slanovani wrote:

this is a great application, it really simplifies the access to skype. but i am from colombia, and i would like to see this app in my native language, spanish