Weather or Not 4.0.0

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Weather or Not speaks the current weather conditions for each of the provided locations when the assigned hot key is pressed. The default hot key is Control-Insert-W to speak the conditions, and Alt-Insert-W to display the conditions in a read-only edit box. After installing the Weather or Not script, you'll want to change/add condition locations using the Weather or Not options dialog, accessed through the Script Help button in the Window-Eyes Script Manager dialog. NOTE: This script requires the GW Toolkit

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Supported Languages: English, Polish

Minimum Version: Window-Eyes 7.0

Release Date: 5/6/2016
Last Update: 5/6/2016

Version 4.0.0

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5/6/2016 10:56:31 AM
  • Re-written to use the Weather Unlocked API (
  • UI has been simplified.

Version 3.7.1

Download Weather or Not 3.7.1 Now
4/27/2012 10:52:32 AM
  • Resolved all reported problems. Thank you!

Version 3.7

Download Weather or Not 3.7 Now
4/26/2012 8:34:17 PM
  • Fixed a problem of missing degree values.

Version 3.6

Download Weather or Not 3.6 Now
11/17/2010 2:22:35 PM
  • Added appropriate entries to the Window-Eyes script menu.
  • Updated the script help text.
  • Other minor fixes.

Version 3.5

Download Weather or Not 3.5 Now
1/27/2009 4:32:05 PM
  • Resolved an issue where the default settings didn't match the default UI.
  • Also fixed a problem where an error would occur if you left the timeout edit box empty. Now, if you tab off the edit box, and it is empty, it will get filled back in with the default value (30 seconds).

Version 3.4

Download Weather or Not 3.4 Now
1/15/2009 4:47:29 PM
  • Fixed a problem where temperatures below zero were not displaying the minus sign.

Version 3.3

Download Weather or Not 3.3 Now
11/13/2008 4:27:55 PM

Version 3.3 - 8/15/08

  • Added language support in the XML, error reporting, and signed the script with the GW Micro digital signature.

Release notes for version 3.2

  • Cleaned up the display conditions dialog so that focus is at the top of the edit box.

Release notes for version 3.1

  • Removed the empty line at the end of the condition display edit box.
  • Did a bit of bullet-proofing.

Release notes for version 3.0

  • A search results list is now provided for those locations that contain multiple entries (Wellington, for example).
  • Verification is done when adding a location to ensure condition data is available.

Release notes for version 2.9

  • Fixed a problem where cities without condition information were canceling out others that worked.

Release notes for version 2.8

  • When editing an existing location, saving it would add an additional entry in the locations list. That has been resolved.
  • Locations that have no weather data now announce as much.

Release notes for version 2.7

  • Fixed a bug keeping default values from being used when an older INI existed.

Release notes for version 2.6

  • Weather or Not has undergone a significant change, and now uses current condition information from Weather Underground, which provides much more detail. To account for that detail, the Weather or Not options dialog has been reworked to support whether or not the additional options will be announced.
  • Weather or Not now uses the SharedObject's OnStateChange event to handle dealing with the toolkit's CheckForUpdate and StandardHelpDialog objects.

Release notes for version 2.5

  • You can now specify a zip code when adding a location.
  • The word forecast has been changed to current conditions where applicable to avoid any confusion (since forecasts are currently not displayed, just the current conditions)
  • Updated the default tone to be a bit more pleasing.

Release notes for version 2.4

  • Fixed a couple spelling errors.
  • Bullet-proofed auto updating.
  • WoN now displays a custom icon for its own dialogs.

Release notes for version 2.3

  • Updated for use with the latest private beta.

Release notes for version 2.2

  • Updated for use with new toolkit update routine
  • Zip codes are not currently supported. Now, if you attempt to add one, you will receive an error.

Release notes for version 2.1

  • Fixed an error that would occur when trying to get the hotkey when a capture key was canceled by a focus change.

Release notes for version 2.0

  • A "no forecast" notice is now provided for locations where forecast information is not available.

Release notes for version 1.9

  • You can now move locations up and down through the location list, ordering them however you want to hear them
  • You can now specific a connection timeout, to either increase or decrease the amount of time the script will wait while connecting to the server for forecast information
  • You can now specify whether you want to hear Fahrenheit and/or Celsius
  • You can now specify whether or not the script will check for automatic updates on startup

Release notes for version 1.8

  • Changed the way forecast information is parsed from the source of the page. It should be more reliable now if the format of the page changes at all.
  • Instead of a message box, forecast details are now displayed in a read-only edit box inside a custom dialog.
  • If a connection timeout occurs, an announcement is spoken.

Release notes for version 1.7

  • Added the ability to disable locations while keeping them in your list. Disabled entries have the word disabled after then in the locations list
  • Added a display forecast hot key which will put the forecast in a message box for easy reviewing
  • A tone will now play for each location while the forecast information is being retrieved

Release notes for version 1.6

  • Changed the connection method for obtaining forecast information
  • moved the "please wait" announcement so that it is only spoken once
  • fixed a problem where commas and spaces weren't getting replaced properly

Release notes for version 1.5

  • Fixed a caching problem. Now updates should be fresh each time.
  • Fixed a problem where including spaces instead of commas in the location name would result in the entire page being spoken.

Release notes for version 1.4

  • Added some error trapping. Checking for forecasts without an Internet connection should fail gracefully.

Release notes for version 1.3

  • WoN no longer uses a zip code to retrieve forecast information. Now, you can add locations using the options dialog, meaning global weather forecasts for multiple locations.
  • Weather information is now being obtained from

Release notes for version 1.2

  • Removed the default Fort Wayne zip code. Now when the script is launched fresh, the invalid zip dialog will open with the Help and Options button available for changing the zip (and the default hotkey if so desired).
  • The SharedObjects timeout has been increased from 1 second to 30 seconds, meaning that the script will wait up to 30 seconds before giving up on the toolkit.
  • The script update URL was changed to reflect the Script Central update XML.

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On 7/21/2011, corange wrote:

Very convenient app, and quite sophisticated behind it's simple UI. It's also a very nice example of how to get XML data from a internet URL.

On 2/20/2011, randytravisfan wrote:

Love the feature but wondering where they get the weather from. All seems to be correct except wind speed which is way off. Says it is south at 9 MPH when infact today it is 21MPH gusting to 29. Other stats seem to be in sync.

On 4/13/2010, corange wrote:

there's no easy way to get current weather conditions.

On 10/26/2009, kctrain wrote:

This is a super script and everyone really likes it when I teach them how to use it.

On 3/30/2009, macaroni5052 wrote:

I'm very pleased with the weather or not script. I think the one thing I'd like to see in an update is, sunset and sunrise times. I just don't see that in a lot of weather programs.

On 11/29/2008, sp9qlo wrote:

I love this script. Wheather forecast could be added az another feature in the future I believe. I didn't check it, but I suppose that there are many websites providing wheather information and in some cases wheather information for certain countries can be more acurate depending on chosen server. Thus in the future the select server list could be provided or an edit box to write an address manually.

On 9/29/2008, president731 wrote:

Love this script, and far faster than popping onto to check current temp.

On 9/19/2008, pietruk wrote:

a weakness of this script is that it does not use air port conditions. This brings up less than accurate wind conditions often showing no true wind speed and direction. Otherwise, a truly neat script which will only get better as it is aged and tweeked.

On 6/26/2008, wd9bch wrote:

Very nice script but a thought, this kind of script could be used of course after modifying to bring up a stock quote of your choice. Probably the search engine could be or other search engines.

On 5/29/2008, gwmicro wrote:

Thanks, Jared. Version 2.5 and later address the issue of forecast vs. current conditions.

On 5/8/2008, JaredW wrote:

Just a linguistic comment. This script always references speaking or displaying of the forecast, which implies that it reports future projected conditions. This isn't the case. It speaks current conditions and does no forecasting as of now. Just sayin', and for what it does it's a great utility. We could really make a whole series of Wineyes scripts that could function like sidebar wigits, only much more intuitive for the speech/Braille user.

On 4/18/2008, kevinh wrote:

I have found this script to be very useful

On 3/29/2008, sclower wrote:

This is a great script.

On 3/28/2008, donbishop49 wrote:

I like it alot. Would like a bit more of a forecast, but on the otherhand, it quick and easy.

On 3/21/2008, rshugart wrote:

This is a cool script.