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Fruit Basket 1.6

Download Fruit Basket 1.6 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Sample program using WE dialog engine

Gadu-Gadu 1.23

Download Gadu-Gadu 1.23 Now by Jakub Łukaszewicz
No description available.

GivingThanks 1.0

Download GivingThanks 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
50 Christian messages about thanking our Lord

Go to Folder 1.9

Download Go to Folder 1.9 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Go to the program folder behind a screen point of interest, or display details about the program

Go to Special Folder 1.4

Download Go to Special Folder 1.4 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Go to a Windows special folder, or the Window-Eyes profile folder

GodsValentine 1.3

Download GodsValentine 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
14 Christian Valentine's Day messages

GoldWave 0.27

Download GoldWave 0.27 Now by Darren Paskell
Individual Hotkeys to read the Start and End marker positions and the length of the selected portion of the sound.

GoldWave Enhance 1.0.1

Download GoldWave Enhance 1.0.1 Now by Rod Hutton
Enhances the accessibility of GoldWave
App Development

GPS 3.3.8

Download GPS 3.3.8 Now by Chip Orange
GPS shared object library which provides access to your position either via a GPS receiver or via the Windows 7/8 Location Sensor API. Includes a sample app which inserts your current latitude/longitude into your active window when you press a hotkey.Also includes many useful lat/lon related classes and routines.

GW News 1.5

Download GW News 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Check news from GW Micro

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