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Test Page 1.0

Download Test Page 1.0 Now by Jamal Mazrui
No description available.

Time N Date 1.1

Download Time N Date 1.1 Now by David Pedersen
The Time & Date script, replaces the hotkey in Window-Eyes, Insert-T, with two hotkeys: Insert-T reads out the current time, while SHIFT-Insert-T reads out the current date. Now supports language specific settings from Regional settings under Windows Control Panel. Requires GwToolkit.

TwelveGifts 1.3

Download TwelveGifts 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
Twelve inspirational messages concerning the gifts of God to us.

Update Check 1.0.1

Download Update Check 1.0.1 Now by Vic Beckley
Check for app updates with one keystroke

Version Check 1.0.2

Download Version Check 1.0.2 Now by Vic Beckley
Version Check provides a hot key to obtain the Window-Eyes version an speaks the version on startup of Window-Eyes if desired

Virtual View Components 1.0.0

Download Virtual View Components 1.0.0 Now by Ai Squared
Virtual View Components

VirtualView 5.0.5

Download VirtualView 5.0.5 Now by Ai Squared
Provides a virtual text view of any window

Weather or Not 4.0.0

Download Weather or Not 4.0.0 Now by Ai Squared
Speaks the current weather conditions

WESounds 1.0.1

Download WESounds 1.0.1 Now by Ai Squared
Window-Eyes Sounds

WEUpdate 1.3.2

Download WEUpdate 1.3.2 Now by Ai Squared
Checks for Window-Eyes Updates. Note: this app is not necessary when using Window-Eyes 7.5.2 or greater, as automatic update checking is built-in to those versions of Window-Eyes.

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