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Update Check 1.0.1

Download Update Check 1.0.1 Now by Vic Beckley
Check for app updates with one keystroke

Christmas 1.2

Download Christmas 1.2 Now by jeff weiss
A Christmas message for each day of the month

BrailleReload 0.1

Download BrailleReload 0.1 Now by braille input
press the app hot key to reload your active braille device. The default hot key is CTRL-WIN-b

EasterBlessing 1.0

Download EasterBlessing 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
40 inspirational Easter messages

EasterDatesFind 1.0.1

Download EasterDatesFind 1.0.1 Now by David Helkenn
Use Ctrl-Alt-Windows-` to invoke the app to find the date for Easter by year. Depends on GW MicroToolkit.

SpeakClipBoardFunctions 1.0

Download SpeakClipBoardFunctions 1.0 Now by Kevin Huber
This app provides alternate hotkeys which let you cut, copy and paste text and have Window-eyes speak the contents of the clipboard for each of the above functions.

GivingThanks 1.0

Download GivingThanks 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
50 Christian messages about thanking our Lord

PrimeNumbers 1.1

Download PrimeNumbers 1.1 Now by jeff weiss
List prime numbers upto a specified number

RodSymbolInserter 2.0.2

Download RodSymbolInserter 2.0.2 Now by Rod Hutton
Use hot keys of your choice to insert keyboard symbols or strings of text.

Celebrate 1.0

Download Celebrate 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
A message to celebrate our Lord and our country for each day of the month

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