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App Development

GPS 3.3.8

Download GPS 3.3.8 Now by Chip Orange
GPS shared object library which provides access to your position either via a GPS receiver or via the Windows 7/8 Location Sensor API. Includes a sample app which inserts your current latitude/longitude into your active window when you press a hotkey.Also includes many useful lat/lon related classes and routines.
App Development

FocusedWindow Detective 0.5

Download FocusedWindow Detective 0.5 Now by Vic Beckley
Quickly find details about the focused window
App Development

TreeView 1.5.6

Download TreeView 1.5.6 Now by Ai Squared
Explorer the children of any window
Program Enhancements

OO_Enhance 1.0.3

Download OO_Enhance 1.0.3 Now by ece
No description available.
Program Enhancements

ShowHiddenDivs 1.0.5

Download ShowHiddenDivs 1.0.5 Now by ece
Adds menu options for enabling/disabling Show Hidden Divs setting and blocking Insert key.

RodWinamp 1.1.2

Download RodWinamp 1.1.2 Now by Rod Hutton
Navigate Winamp in a variety of ways.

RodWinampWithRodClock 1.1.2

Download RodWinampWithRodClock 1.1.2 Now by Rod Hutton
This package contains three apps: RodWinamp, RodClock and RodWinampClassCreator; the third is necessary to set up the first two; after installation, each will have its own entry on the Window-Eyes app menu; they are bundled together here for those who wish to have all these apps.
Program Enhancements

WSR 1.2

Download WSR 1.2 Now by Chip Orange
makes Windows Speech Recognition accessible

Enhanced Find 2.0.3

Download Enhanced Find 2.0.3 Now by Ai Squared
Enhancement for Window-Eyes Find Feature
Program Enhancements

System7 0.0.2

Download System7 0.0.2 Now by Ai Squared
Enhancements for System7.

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