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MouseVoiceRotor 1.021

Download MouseVoiceRotor 1.021 Now by Kevin Huber
rotates through four mouse voice settings Kevin Huber Email: kevin.huber1@gmail.com

Product Search 1.02

Download Product Search 1.02 Now by A T Guys
Search merchants for millions of products

Hello Computer 1.0

Download Hello Computer 1.0 Now by Tyler Juranek
Just for fun, it'll brighten your day!

EasterDates 1.0.1

Download EasterDates 1.0.1 Now by David Helkenn
Use Ctrl-Insert-` to hear the date of Easter.

App Get 1.2.4

Download App Get 1.2.4 Now by Ai Squared
Browse and Install App Central Apps from Window-Eyes

DailyProverbs 1.2

Download DailyProverbs 1.2 Now by jeff weiss
A message from Proverbs for each day of the month.

QuickStart 1.2.4

Download QuickStart 1.2.4 Now by Ai Squared
Quickly access common Window-Eyes settings using a friendly Wizard interface.

BrailleQuiz 1.6

Download BrailleQuiz 1.6 Now by jeff weiss
Test and study different categories of braille contractions.

Cuckoo_Clock 3.3

Download Cuckoo_Clock 3.3 Now by Bruce Babcock
The Cuckoo Clock program alerts you of the time and also has the ability to make wav files by either recording your voice or converting text to speech and saving it as a .wav file. You can set it to sound at the Top, Half, or Quarter hour. It has a sleep-wakeup mode along with an alarm to sound at the time of your choosing. You also can record up to 1 minute sound files using your microphone. Just enter a file name in the sound file edit box and click on the record button. You can also make wav files from text files or from text in your clipboard. These wav files use any of the SAPI voices you have installed on your computer. You choose the voice and set the rate and other parameters before making your .wav file.

Version Check 1.0.2

Download Version Check 1.0.2 Now by Vic Beckley
Version Check provides a hot key to obtain the Window-Eyes version an speaks the version on startup of Window-Eyes if desired

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