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Miranda App 0.62

Download Miranda App 0.62 Now by Stephen Clower
No description available.

Miranda IM 0.62

Download Miranda IM 0.62 Now by Stephen Clower
Adds functionality to the Miranda instant messaging client.
Program Enhancements

Logger Pro 1.0.8

Download Logger Pro 1.0.8 Now by Ai Squared
The Window-Eyes app for Logger Pro is an accessibility bridge between Logger Pro and Window-Eyes.

QuickStart 1.2.4

Download QuickStart 1.2.4 Now by Ai Squared
Quickly access common Window-Eyes settings using a friendly Wizard interface.

HotWind 1.1.7

Download HotWind 1.1.7 Now by Chip Orange
Allows you to activate and maximize any open window with a single hotkey which it allows you to assign to the window. Useful when working with a large number of open windows, and you frequently need to change windows.

SeaBattle2015 2.5

Download SeaBattle2015 2.5 Now by Bruce Babcock
Sea Battle is where you fight against a friend or computer to sink your enemies ship. The first to sink all wins and becomes the champion of the world. On level 5 watch out for the computer. Kids settting has many sounds for them to listen to.

BreakingNews 3.2

Download BreakingNews 3.2 Now by Bruce Babcock
Breaking News Is a Web Helper activated by the Ctrl-Shift-Z key combo. It first lists in a tree view any web page alerts you wish to monitor. You can even read the web page off-line in a text format or a List View format based on the hotkey you use when in the alert tree list. Thus allowing you to view web pages off line instead of at the web site.
Program Enhancements

Mark_Set_Load 1.0.1

Download Mark_Set_Load 1.0.1 Now by Chip Orange
Will automatically load a specified .set file for a specific web page, or for a group of web pages at a web site.
Program Enhancements

Winamp Scripts 4.11

Download Winamp Scripts 4.11 Now by Jeff Bishop
Winamp scripts to provide functionality to the main window, play list, equalizer, timed bookmarks and much more.Winamp scripts to provide functionality to the main window, play list, equalizer, timed bookmarks and much more.
Program Enhancements

Fade_To_Black 1.0.0

Download Fade_To_Black 1.0.0 Now by Chip Orange
Sets the foreground font color of the selected text (in the supported MS Office applications) to black.

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