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Proofreading 4.5.3

Download Proofreading 4.5.3 Now by Kevin Huber
toggles several proofreading features either individually or all at once. Kevin Huber Email: kevin.huber1@gmail.com

QT Support 0.62

Download QT Support 0.62 Now by Stephen Clower
Makes QT applications accessible.

Quick Quit 1.44

Download Quick Quit 1.44 Now by A T Guys
Quit Window-Eyes without confirmation

QuickStart 1.2.4

Download QuickStart 1.2.4 Now by Ai Squared
Quickly access common Window-Eyes settings using a friendly Wizard interface.

Record Macro 1.2.1

Download Record Macro 1.2.1 Now by Ai Squared
A very simple keystroke recorder

Relaunch Window-eyes 1.8.1

Download Relaunch Window-eyes 1.8.1 Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Relaunch Window-Eyes immediately by pressing a key twice in a row

RodSymbolInserter 2.0.2

Download RodSymbolInserter 2.0.2 Now by Rod Hutton
Use hot keys of your choice to insert keyboard symbols or strings of text.

Roman Numerals 1.3

Download Roman Numerals 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
A Roman numeral converter

SecondGlass 2.3.1

Download SecondGlass 2.3.1 Now by Ai Squared
Plays a tone while the mouse pointer is an hourglass

settimer 1.02

Download settimer 1.02 Now by Matt VanDeWalle
set a timer for any number of minutes or seconds. Use hotkey control-windows-slash

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