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Detect Shortcut Keys 2.1

Download Detect Shortcut Keys 2.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Detect system-wide hotkeys defined in shortcut files

Operate Services 1.6

Download Operate Services 1.6 Now by Jamal Mazrui
List, start, and stop services installed on the computer

Activate Window 2.1

Download Activate Window 2.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Activate a top-level window

Loaded Scripts 1.5

Download Loaded Scripts 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Hear the number of loaded scripts in each status category

Restore Default Sets 1.2

Download Restore Default Sets 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Restore default set files from the All Users folder

Capture Screen 2.1

Download Capture Screen 2.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Capture screen text to the clipboard

Delete Strokes 1.2

Download Delete Strokes 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Add keystrokes for deleting text in various directions

Remap CapsLock 1.5

Download Remap CapsLock 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Make CapsLock work like the Insert modifier key

Kill WinEyes 1.2

Download Kill WinEyes 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Install a desktop shortcut to Kill the Window-Eyes process

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