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notepad 2.0

Download notepad 2.0 Now by Tyler Juranek
More enhanced. You will notice some changes from version 1.0.

NumbersOff 1.9

Download NumbersOff  1.9 Now by Paul Hopewell
Modifies screen numbers off processing to overcome synthesizer idiosyncracies.

NumbersOn 1.9

Download NumbersOn 1.9 Now by Paul Hopewell
Modifies screen numbers on processing.

OneHandedMode 1.0

Download OneHandedMode 1.0 Now by Ai Squared
Assists persons with limited mobility to issue Window-Eyes commands.

Panoya Ekle 2.8

Download Panoya Ekle 2.8 Now by Wineyes Türkiye
No description available.

PoprawkiPolskiejWymowy 1.2.2

Download PoprawkiPolskiejWymowy 1.2.2 Now by ece
No description available.

Prayer For The Day 1.3

Download Prayer For The Day 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
A prayer message for each day of the month

PrimeNumbers 1.1

Download PrimeNumbers 1.1 Now by jeff weiss
List prime numbers upto a specified number

Product Search 1.02

Download Product Search 1.02 Now by A T Guys
Search merchants for millions of products

Promises Of God 1.3

Download Promises Of God 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
86 random messages showing some of the promises of God.

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