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Set Checkbox 2.0

Download Set Checkbox 2.0 Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Set a checkbox to a known state with a mnemonic letter

Zakończ Proces 1.6.pl

Download Zakończ Proces 1.6.pl Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Wyświetla listę zawierającą wszystkie uruchomione procesy.

Instalator Pakietów 4.2.pl

Download Instalator Pakietów 4.2.pl Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Pobierz i instaluj pakiety z Centrali Skryptów

WE Akcje 1.5.pl

Download WE Akcje 1.5.pl Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Ten skrypt wyświetla alfabetyczny wykaz wszystkich akcji Window-Eyes.

Skrypt Menu 2.2.pl

Download Skrypt Menu 2.2.pl Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Wykaz gorących klawiszy

Speak Serial Number 1.0.1

Download Speak Serial Number 1.0.1 Now by Robert Guyette
This script speaks the Windows-Eyes Seriaal number

AppsActive 2.2

Download AppsActive 2.2 Now by jeff weiss
See a list of newly loaded apps loaded later than initial group of apps

Dropbox 1.3

Download Dropbox 1.3 Now by Jeff Bishop
Determine the current status of the Dropbox service through the press of a key.

Audible Battery Status 0.1

Download Audible Battery Status 0.1 Now by A T Guys
Plays a sound when laptop power is connected or disconnected

Toggle Punctuation and more 1.72

Download Toggle Punctuation and more 1.72 Now by Martin Sopart
Toggle speech between all and no punctuation

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