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Program Enhancements

Say Version 1.0

Download Say Version 1.0 Now by Tyler Juranek
This script will remind you of what version of window-eyes you're running. As many of you wanted to still know the version numbers, I wrote this script for that. The script will be updated for each version of window-eyes.
Program Enhancements

Firefox: Read Search Field 1.0

Download Firefox: Read Search Field 1.0 Now by Tj Squires
Read your default search provider in Firefox
Program Enhancements

NotePad2011 0.3

Download NotePad2011 0.3 Now by Rick Thomas
Notify user if more than one instance of a NotePad file is being opened.
Program Enhancements

Sound Recorder 1.02

Download Sound Recorder 1.02 Now by A T Guys
Enhancements for the Windows Sound Recorder
Program Enhancements

TeamTalk 1.11

Download TeamTalk 1.11 Now by A T Guys
Enhancements for the TeamTalk voice chat client

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