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Program Enhancements

Blio 1.0.1

Download Blio 1.0.1 Now by Ai Squared
Provides enhancements for Blio, by KNFB Reading Technology, Inc.
Program Enhancements

Office Enhance 1.0.5

Download Office Enhance 1.0.5 Now by Ai Squared
Provides enhancements for Microsoft Office products.
Program Enhancements

Logger Pro 1.0.8

Download Logger Pro 1.0.8 Now by Ai Squared
The Window-Eyes app for Logger Pro is an accessibility bridge between Logger Pro and Window-Eyes.
Program Enhancements

QuickSpell 1.4

Download QuickSpell 1.4 Now by Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
QuickSpell is based on ATC technology and helps you to find and correct writing mistakes easily.
Program Enhancements

IVEO 1.0.1

Download IVEO 1.0.1 Now by Michael Whapples
WindowEyes Braille display support for ViewPlus IVEO software

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