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BreakingNews 3.2

Download BreakingNews 3.2 Now by Bruce Babcock
Breaking News Is a Web Helper activated by the Ctrl-Shift-Z key combo. It first lists in a tree view any web page alerts you wish to monitor. You can even read the web page off-line in a text format or a List View format based on the hotkey you use when in the alert tree list. Thus allowing you to view web pages off line instead of at the web site.

BrowseModeEnhance 1.0.4

Download BrowseModeEnhance 1.0.4 Now by Ai Squared
Provides enhancements to browse mode.

BrowseModeStatus 1.2

Download BrowseModeStatus 1.2 Now by jeff weiss
Speak browse mode status, and if possible, reload buffer.
App Development

Build Packages 1.4

Download Build Packages 1.4 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Build a WEPM archive from files in a source directory

Burn to CD 1.1

Download Burn to CD 1.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Burn the contents of a folder onto a CD

ButtonInfo 0.7

Download ButtonInfo 0.7 Now by Vic Beckley
Adds names to the unnamed buttons on the Advanced tab of the System Properties dialog

Calculate Date 1.9

Download Calculate Date 1.9 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Calculate a date and copy it to the clipboard

CapBeeper 2.0

Download CapBeeper 2.0 Now by Vic Beckley
Hear a short tone when you move over a capital letter.

CapEnhance 1.2.2

Download CapEnhance 1.2.2 Now by Rod Hutton
Enhances the speaking of capital letters

Capture Screen 2.1

Download Capture Screen 2.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Capture screen text to the clipboard

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