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Program Enhancements

Say Version 1.0

Download Say Version 1.0 Now by Tyler Juranek
This script will remind you of what version of window-eyes you're running. As many of you wanted to still know the version numbers, I wrote this script for that. The script will be updated for each version of window-eyes.
Program Enhancements

Sonar Enhance 0.3.1

Download Sonar Enhance 0.3.1 Now by Ai Squared
Sonar Enhance provides enhancements to Cakewalk Sonar X1 (Producer, Studio, and Home).
Program Enhancements

CashManager 1.0.3

Download CashManager 1.0.3 Now by Ai Squared
Enhancements for Accomplish CashManager 2011.
Program Enhancements

basic Sonar 1.1.1

Download basic Sonar 1.1.1 Now by Ai Squared
Restores Sonar compatibility for Window-Eyes 7.5.2 and Sonar 8.5 and earlier
Program Enhancements

Flash FXP 1.3.1

Download Flash FXP 1.3.1 Now by Shane Davidson
customizations for Flash FXP
Program Enhancements

Adobe Digital Editions 1.1.2

Download Adobe Digital Editions 1.1.2 Now by Ai Squared
Provides enhancements for Adobe Digital Editions
Program Enhancements

ShowHiddenDivs 1.0.5

Download ShowHiddenDivs 1.0.5 Now by ece
Adds menu options for enabling/disabling Show Hidden Divs setting and blocking Insert key.
Program Enhancements

Easy CD-DA Extractor Enhanced 1.1

Download Easy CD-DA Extractor Enhanced 1.1 Now by Vic Beckley
Provides many enhancements and time savers for the Easy CD-DA Extractor program.
Program Enhancements

Total Commander App 1.01

Download Total Commander App 1.01 Now by Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Several speech and Braille enhancements for the file manager "Total Commander"
Program Enhancements

CD Burner XP 1.0

Download CD Burner XP 1.0 Now by Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Application monitor burning software CDBurnerXP.

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