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Operate Services 1.6

Download Operate Services 1.6 Now by Jamal Mazrui
List, start, and stop services installed on the computer

Activate Window 2.1

Download Activate Window 2.1 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Activate a top-level window

Script Manager 1.5

Download Script Manager 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Add hotkeys to go directly to built-in, script-related dialogs of Window-Eyes

change_sound_card 1.03

Download change_sound_card 1.03 Now by Chip Orange
Needed by WE when running under Windows XP or Vista, monitors default sound card when Eloquence is the synthesizer, so it can force Eloquence to change sound cards if the default changes (such as when a USB headset or bluetooth headset is activated)

Relaunch Window-Eyes 1.7

Download Relaunch Window-Eyes 1.7 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Quit and relaunch Window-Eyes with a hotkey

WE Actions 1.6

Download WE Actions 1.6 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Pick from a list of Window-Eyes hotkey actions

Spell It 1.7

Download Spell It 1.7 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Spell speech from a hotkey if pressed twice in a row, or phonetically spell it if pressed three times

Delete Strokes 1.2

Download Delete Strokes 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Add keystrokes for deleting text in various directions

Remap CapsLock 1.5

Download Remap CapsLock 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Make CapsLock work like the Insert modifier key

Read To Me 1.6.6

Download Read To Me 1.6.6 Now by Ai Squared
Use a specific voice with Read-To-End.

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