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Program Enhancements

Duxbury 1.0.7

Download Duxbury 1.0.7 Now by Ai Squared
Enhances access to the Duxbury/DBT application/
Program Enhancements

Outlook_Reminder 1.3.1

Download Outlook_Reminder 1.3.1 Now by Chip Orange
Continues to periodically play a sound when an Outlook reminder window is open.
Program Enhancements

Flash FXP 1.3.1

Download Flash FXP 1.3.1 Now by Shane Davidson
customizations for Flash FXP
Program Enhancements

tablica.pl 1.0

Download tablica.pl 1.0 Now by ece
No description available.
Program Enhancements

Word Advanced Features 3.7.12

Download Word Advanced Features 3.7.12 Now by Chip Orange
speaks advanced Word document formatting information, table column/row titles, footnotes and endnotes, form field prompts, document line numbers, and document comments. Now adds a feature to analyze your document for unwanted changes.
Program Enhancements

IVEO 1.0.1

Download IVEO 1.0.1 Now by Michael Whapples
WindowEyes Braille display support for ViewPlus IVEO software
Program Enhancements

Easy CD-DA Extractor Enhanced 1.1

Download Easy CD-DA Extractor Enhanced 1.1 Now by Vic Beckley
Provides many enhancements and time savers for the Easy CD-DA Extractor program.
Program Enhancements

Total Commander App 1.01

Download Total Commander App 1.01 Now by Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Several speech and Braille enhancements for the file manager "Total Commander"
Program Enhancements

QuickSpell 1.4

Download QuickSpell 1.4 Now by Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
QuickSpell is based on ATC technology and helps you to find and correct writing mistakes easily.
Program Enhancements

CD Burner XP 1.0

Download CD Burner XP 1.0 Now by Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Application monitor burning software CDBurnerXP.

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