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DailyProverbs 1.2

Download DailyProverbs 1.2 Now by jeff weiss
A message from Proverbs for each day of the month.

DailyPsalms 1.0

Download DailyPsalms 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
Display a Christian message from Psalms each day of the year

Device Status 1.02

Download Device Status 1.02 Now by Vic Beckley
Hear the status of devices spoken in Device Manager.

EasterBlessing 1.0

Download EasterBlessing 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
40 inspirational Easter messages

EasterDates 1.0.1

Download EasterDates 1.0.1 Now by David Helkenn
Use Ctrl-Insert-` to hear the date of Easter.

EasterDatesFind 1.0.1

Download EasterDatesFind 1.0.1 Now by David Helkenn
Use Ctrl-Alt-Windows-` to invoke the app to find the date for Easter by year. Depends on GW MicroToolkit.

Easy Calendar 1.0

Download Easy Calendar 1.0 Now by Rod Hutton
No description available.

eClipseReader_silence,vbs 1.3

Download eClipseReader_silence,vbs 1.3 Now by Doug Barbieri
Silence eClipseReader except for the web browser.

eClipseWater_silence,vbs 1.2

Download eClipseWater_silence,vbs 1.2 Now by Doug Barbieri
Silence WindowEyes while IRTI's eClipseWater is active.

eClipseWriter_silence,vbs 1.2

Download eClipseWriter_silence,vbs 1.2 Now by Doug Barbieri
Silence IRTI's eClipseWriter when running WindowEyes.

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