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AutoComplete 2.9.8

Download AutoComplete 2.9.8 Now by Ai Squared
AutoComplete provides announcement of autocompleted text and suggestion list in supported combo edit boxes.
Program Enhancements

basic Sonar 1.1.1

Download basic Sonar 1.1.1 Now by Ai Squared
Restores Sonar compatibility for Window-Eyes 7.5.2 and Sonar 8.5 and earlier
App Development

Beautify VBScript 1.2

Download Beautify VBScript 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Reformat a .vbs file with indentation and other stylistic conventions
Program Enhancements

Blio 1.0.1

Download Blio 1.0.1 Now by Ai Squared
Provides enhancements for Blio, by KNFB Reading Technology, Inc.
App Development

bobs template 1.0.2

Download bobs template 1.0.2 Now by Robert Guyette
app for building other apps

BrailleAutoPick 1.0

Download BrailleAutoPick 1.0 Now by Jay Macarty
BrailleAutoPick searches a set of user defined Braille displays at startup to find one to activate.

BrailleInput 2.3

Download BrailleInput 2.3 Now by braille input
Adds support for Braille display input using the Perkins-style keyboard. This app is a successor of the BrailleInputFocus app. If you have BrailleInputFocus installed and wish to upgrade, please refer to the instructions on the website.

BrailleKeyboard 1.0.1

Download BrailleKeyboard 1.0.1 Now by Rod Hutton
Use your Windows keyboard as a braille keyboard

BrailleQuiz 1.6

Download BrailleQuiz 1.6 Now by jeff weiss
Test and study different categories of braille contractions.

BrailleReload 0.1

Download BrailleReload 0.1 Now by braille input
press the app hot key to reload your active braille device. The default hot key is CTRL-WIN-b

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