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Paste Special Character 1.5

Download Paste Special Character 1.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Paste a character into editable text by picking from a list or entering its code number
Program Enhancements

PBEdit 0.1.2

Download PBEdit 0.1.2 Now by Ai Squared
PBEdit enhances the editor of PowerBasic's PBEdit program.

PlayBack 1.5

Download PlayBack 1.5 Now by jeff weiss
Test your ability to remember a sequence of numbers

Polyglot 1.0.4

Download Polyglot 1.0.4 Now by Christo de Klerk
Translate input text or files between two languages.

PoprawkiPolskiejWymowy 1.2.2

Download PoprawkiPolskiejWymowy 1.2.2 Now by ece
No description available.

Power Mixer Enhance 1.0.2

Download Power Mixer Enhance 1.0.2 Now by Rod Hutton
Enhances the accessibility of Power Mixer
App Development

Practice Cop 1.3

Download Practice Cop 1.3 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Analyze script files for recommended practices

Prayer For The Day 1.3

Download Prayer For The Day 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
A prayer message for each day of the month

PrimeNumbers 1.1

Download PrimeNumbers 1.1 Now by jeff weiss
List prime numbers upto a specified number
App Development

Procedure finder 0.4

Download Procedure finder 0.4 Now by Vic Beckley
Moves back and forth between the beginning of subroutines and functions in the open script file. It can also list all procedures in the script file so you can move directly to one.

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