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HotWind 1.1.7

Download HotWind 1.1.7 Now by Chip Orange
Allows you to activate and maximize any open window with a single hotkey which it allows you to assign to the window. Useful when working with a large number of open windows, and you frequently need to change windows.

Hourly Chime 2.1.1

Download Hourly Chime 2.1.1 Now by Ai Squared
Plays a tone on the hour

HushNow 1.3

Download HushNow 1.3 Now by jeff weiss
Silence speech quickly with the F12 key

Hyperactive WE Cursor 1.2

Download Hyperactive WE Cursor 1.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Monitor changes to the line of text containing the WE cursor
Program Enhancements

IE Enhance 1.2.5

Download IE Enhance 1.2.5 Now by Ai Squared
IE Enhance provides enhancements for Internet Explorer 9.

IE Max 2.5

Download IE Max 2.5 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Maximize the functionality of Internet Explorer
App Development

Immed 3.1.4

Download Immed 3.1.4 Now by Ai Squared
Real-time Script Debugging

Insert Key Layout 1.1.9

Download Insert Key Layout 1.1.9 Now by Ai Squared
Provides a familiar command structure centered around the Insert key.

Instalator Pakietów 4.2.pl

Download Instalator Pakietów 4.2.pl Now by Tadeusz Rogowski
Pobierz i instaluj pakiety z Centrali Skryptów

Install Packages 5.2

Download Install Packages 5.2 Now by Jamal Mazrui
Download and install Window-Eyes script packages

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