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BrailleKeyboard 1.0.1

Download BrailleKeyboard 1.0.1 Now by Rod Hutton
Use your Windows keyboard as a braille keyboard

Power Mixer Enhance 1.0.2

Download Power Mixer Enhance 1.0.2 Now by Rod Hutton
Enhances the accessibility of Power Mixer

Download   Now by Irmgard Eggert
No description available.

RodMasterVolumeControl 1.2.1

Download RodMasterVolumeControl 1.2.1 Now by Rod Hutton
Use hot keys to adjust the master volume of the default sound card.

RodMasterVolumeMuteToggler 1.0.1

Download RodMasterVolumeMuteToggler 1.0.1 Now by Rod Hutton
Use a hot key to mute and unmute the master volume of the default sound card.

BrailleQuiz 1.6

Download BrailleQuiz 1.6 Now by jeff weiss
Test and study different categories of braille contractions.

SpellingPractice 1.0

Download SpellingPractice 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
Practice to improve your spelling skills
Program Enhancements

Word Advanced Features 3.7.12

Download Word Advanced Features 3.7.12 Now by Chip Orange
speaks advanced Word document formatting information, table column/row titles, footnotes and endnotes, form field prompts, document line numbers, and document comments. Now adds a feature to analyze your document for unwanted changes.

Speech_Fix 1.3.2

Download Speech_Fix 1.3.2 Now by Chip Orange
Corrects the speaking of "ordinals" and a few abbreviations

Happiness 1.0

Download Happiness 1.0 Now by jeff weiss
A Christian message on happiness for each day of the month

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